Gov’t rolls out plans to save struggling tourist industry in southern Taiwan How about a Michelin-starred gastronomic experience in the sky with Mandarin Oriental, Taipei via Thai Airways? AIT unveils US$255 million new office complex in Taipei to enhance exchanges Driven by Apple and other smartwatch suppliers, demand for infrared optical components expected to grow stronger: TrendForce COMPUTEX 2018 kicks off new chapter of future technologies China Airlines protects the Earth with dual ISO certifications Making the most of miles SkyTeam introduces multi-airline award travel booking COMPUTEX 2018 joins major technology firms to seek new opportunities in blockchain applications Acer debuts first 15-inch convertible Chromebook, Predator Orion 5000 gaming desktops & 15-inch Swift 5 notebook among others 故宮5/26曬書節開跑 打造清明上河圖市集 AUO announces world’s highest resolution and full-color TFT driven micro-LED display technology New incentives for tourists: One-night free hotel accommodation for visitors traveling to Taitung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung & Penghu COMPUTEX 2018: InnoVEX features six highlights and explores next blue-ocean opportunities 數位故宮揚名國際!台灣故宮榮獲AAM繆思獎、美國休士頓影展八大獎項 Discounts and free admissions offered to mark International Museum Day in Taiwan Formosa Int’l Hotels Corp announces strategic alliance with InterContinental Hotels Group Bring your cameras: Bigleaf hydrangeas are in season around Taiwan Not dull at all– Britshake offers a very British brunch and afternoon tea Going green in Taipei: Free coffee for cyclists at YouBike stations and free parking for electric scooters Amaroni’s Taipei sets to overturn Taiwan’s Italian tastes with hearty meals Regent Taipei to offer special packages to thank mothers this 2018 Mother’s Day Sowers Action sets fundraising record in Hong Kong’s Charity Golf Tournament — NT$2.6 million for poor children in need of education Cryptojacking tops attack toolkits, signaling massive threat to cyber & personal security Eye On Taiwan Media helps raise funds for Hong Kong’s charity group Sowers Action to aid underprivileged children Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival: Underground artworks to be unveiled during the journey into the golden sands A better way to eat more vegetables at VEGE CREEK Emerging technologies like 5G, blockchain among key themes in COMPUTEX 2018 World’s third largest FASTENER TAIWAN 2018 sets new milestone Sea of white calla lilies at Taipei’s Zhuzihu promises a relaxing stay for visitors Lextar releases state-of-the-art adaptive driving beam LED headlight module system Acer teams up with major hospitals in Taiwan to provide cloud-based remote healthcare services Hip and trendy choices for the foodie souls along Taipei Metro Blue Line Supply chain hub for functional fashion opens to boost textile industry  Le Meridien Taipei to go dark to shine light on climate change with Earth Hour 2018 Taiwan’s own international music festival Looptopia coming this spring break Gov’t to roll out multi-language interpretation service for tourists Taiwan to take part in Hong Kong International Film & TV Market, film festival Don’t miss out on these newest starred Taipei Michelin restaurants World-class dancing fountain show in Bitan, New Taipei City a feast for the eyes 2018 Taipei International Bakery/Equipment Expo to open in Taipei along with three global competitions Greater Taipei’s new “All-Pass Ticket” offers commuters unlimited rides at NT$1,280 per month or NT$42 per day Looking for good food at reasonable prices? Here’s a full list of Michelin’s Bib Gourmand Selection; Taipei star guide available March 14 Apple snails a treat? Migrant workers contract rat lungworm after eating them uncooked Hong Kong’s designer handbag Chic by R&B sets sights on Taiwan as part of its global development strategy Forecast – Low temperatures around Taiwan later this week, warmer weather expected next Monday Late journalist-diplomat Joe Hung remembered as man of erudition and veracity Come and feast on Dominica’s art, food, jewelry all-in-one at Taipei’s Grand Hotel Million-dollar jobs on offer! Taiwan’s major carrier China Airlines recruiting 100 pilots in 2018 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival kicks off in Chiayi — largest ever held in Taiwan TRA launches train ticket plus hotel package to boost Hualien tourism after fatal quake TrendForce: Mobile DRAM revenues hit new high of US$8 billion in 4Q17, but expected to grow slower in 1Q18 due to weaker demand Predicted rising price of toilet paper prompts shopping frenzy A pictorial glimpse of the Taipei Lantern Festival Back to work: What’s the best coffee to energize you? Things to do this weekend: Taipei Lantern Festival to kick off with dazzling lighting ceremony in Ximending Acer ITS’ smart parking meter solution takes home ‘Global ICT Excellence Award– Private Sector Excellence’ Taiwan’s Palace Museum tells us how ancient and modern meet Acer win 12 iF Design Awards in 2018 For a Shanghainese Chinese New Year, look no further from Shanghai Pavilion A yummy guide to Kinmen eateries as told by the nostalgic veterans Global smartphone market to remain weak in 2018: TrendForce Mandarin Oriental, Taipei ranked No 1 among top 10 luxury hotels in Taiwan: TripAdvisor Filipino caregiver among 10 people killed by powerful quake in Hualien Rescuers search for survivors as fresh quake rattles eastern Taiwan; 7 killed and 60 missing so far A walk through Dihua New Year Market Gov’t urged to be tough against people misusing boarding passes Blanket of snow covers Taiwan’s high mountains as cold snap kills 49 in a day Contaminated Malaysian durian coffee mix not imported to Taiwan: FDA Regent Taipei to present Japanese Kakiyasu beef; offer customers unique experience of Wagyu 150 local constestants to compete in 2018 Fishackathon Taipei for global final It’s better to walk briskly than aiming for a daily 10,000 steps: expert AIT co-sponsors 2018 Fu-Jen University Jazz Camp in Kinmen, New Taipei City Taiwan’s global trade competitiveness drops for sixth consecutive year: survey Hotels in Taiwan’s beach resort town Kenting see business downturn despite CNY holiday Stay warm: Weeklong cold snap arrives along with rain Tourism Bureau sees productive year ahead after its efforts to assist local industry Jiji railway line in central Taiwan set to be new tourist hotspot Yuck! Beware of the baked goods mixed with rotten eggs Early arrival of cherry blossoms to greet the Yangmingshan Flower Season in Taipei Must-see and must-eat places in “Lesser Kinmen” Kinmen, a sensory paradise for the tastebuds and the eye Strolling with eyes wide open, Kinmen is rich in aesthetic appeal and historical attractions It is all about AI robots: they can play the roles of sex partners and therapy, or cops to tackle crimes Taiwan axes 176 extra Lunar New Year flights from China, 50,000 passengers may be affected Taiwan’s CAL HQ awarded Diamond-rated green building; saves 23,000 kWh of power in 2017  Food safety makes up half of 2017 top ten consumer news: watchdog (Part 2) Dolores O’Riordan, The Cranberries lead singer, dies at 46 Food safety makes up half of 2017 top ten consumer news: watchdog (Part 1) Early arrival of Laomei Green Rock Troughs Cold snap kills close to 300 in Taiwan, warmer weather forecast Celine Dion to give two concerts in Taipei in July as part of her Live 2018 Asian tour Apple’s iOS 11.2.2 may slow iPhone performance by as much as 50% AIT to hold 2018 Fishackathon in Taipei and Kaohsiung for marine conservation 盛夏不能錯過的臺灣夏日節慶 「2018寶島仲夏節Formosa Summer Festival」-從吃冰開始 星級酒店美味料理輕鬆作 2018「君悅小廚神」限時開課 君品酒店歡慶八週年 雲軒西餐廳北美太子龍蝦鮮蠔饗宴 五人同行一人免費 台北美福跨界大宇線上遊戲 邀請阿土伯作客米香 真情詮釋「台北台灣味 大直傳家菜」 全台首家複合式生活用品旗艦店-『樂扣樂扣生活館』 台北物價居亞洲第3貴 高佳林引進高CP值韓國居家生活品牌-P&Q

春節住福容 搶福袋 抽奧迪 還有機會環島免費住宿

20180211005 (2)

新年度想試試手氣,絕對要來福容! 福容旗下十三間分店,在農曆過年期間除夕到初五(2/15~2/20),推出『旺旺招財 超值福袋好運購』,總共準備了1,900份福袋,售價$999元,有機會將價值超過15萬元的福容飯店「無敵住宿券」和市價近4萬元的「iPhone X」帶回家!此外,住房消費依發票金額滿$3,000元、餐飲消費依發票金額滿$5,000元,還可以獲得摸彩券一張,參加『來福容抽Audi』活動,最大獎是價值百萬的Audi A1,名車開回家,替新年討個吉利好采頭!

春節六天假期,想好要到哪走春了嗎?不妨來福容買福袋試手氣!福容大飯店農曆除夕到初五期間,推出『旺旺招財 超值福袋好運購』,至福容全連鎖任一分店(美棧大街旅店除外),就可以將價值$1,800元的福袋以超值優惠福氣$999元帶回家!全連鎖限量1900袋,內含住宿及餐飲$500元抵用券,還有市價$800元的麗寶樂園門票,除此之外還有限量130盞的賀聖宮平安燈藏在福袋中,為您祈福求平安!好康驚喜不間斷,最大獎是總價超過15萬元的福容飯店「無敵住宿券」,還有市價近4萬元的「iPhone X」,讓您新的一年把福容環島據點玩一遍,或是手拿最新型手機走在時代尖端,快把握新春好運氣,試試自己的手氣!

新春假期,福容大飯店全台連鎖各店推出「2018旺旺迎新春專案」,位於淡水的漁人碼頭店,讓家長省荷包,海景豪華家庭客房B ,每房只要$12888元(除夕&初五只要$11888元),而且身高150cm以下兒童免費(每房限兩位),不但包含早餐、田園自助百匯晚餐及下午茶,還有專人帶您來趟淡水藝文小旅行;東北角的福隆店,重新開幕的villa區推出兩天一夜豐富之旅、兩天一夜全包假期、以及三天兩夜奢華假期,villa區簡樸禪風客房兩天一夜$8000+10%起、旅館區的精緻和洋客房兩天一樣也是$8000+10%起,即可免費使用全台唯一海洋溫泉,浸泡在「氯化物碳酸氫鹽泉」中,有助舒緩痠痛、恢復疲勞;台灣最南端的墾丁店,精緻雙床房2/16-2/18(初一到初三)一泊二食$8999起,就可以直奔恆春半島暖陽的懷抱避寒。玩好也要吃好,福容大飯店連鎖各店除夕到初五都準備了菜色豐富的新春團圓餐點,不但可以選擇主廚精心設計菜色的桌菜,還有中西日式的自助餐料理,讓您自由選擇吃到飽!

20180211005-3.jpg   即日起到3/4,住房消費依發票金額滿$3,000元、餐飲消費依發票金額滿$5,000元,還可以獲得摸彩券一張,桌菜、喜宴(如:尾牙春酒、結婚喜宴…等),則每桌一張贈送模彩券,參加『來福容抽Audi』活動,將百萬名車開回家!特獎是價值百萬的Audi A1,或是市價超過15萬的福容頂級套房無敵住宿券,免費來去福容全台13個據點的最高級房型住一晚;超過12萬的福容精緻客房無敵住宿券、最夯手機iPhone X、或是福容三大高檔休閒飯店淡水漁碼店、福隆Villa、麗寶樂園店三天兩夜住宿券,獎項總價值突破兩百五十萬,是飯店業罕見的大手筆,希望接下來的金犬年好運旺旺來,不用煩惱旅遊基金,福容讓您新年試手氣好運到!


詳情請上福容大飯店官網 。

福容大飯店連鎖旅館事業  0800- 455-588

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